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Electronic Banking - Security Tips

Online Security Tips

  • Avoid downloading programs from unknown sources.
  • Protect your online passwords. Don't write them down or share them with anyone.
  • Use secure websites for conducting transactions. Make sure internet purchases are secured with encryption to protect your account information. Look for "secure transaction" symbols like a lock symbol in the lower right-hand corner of your web browser window, or "https://.." in the address bar of the website. The "s" indicates "secured" and means the web page uses encryption.
  • Always log off from any website after making a purchase with your credit or debit card.
  • Close your browser when you're not using the internet.

Mobile Banking Security Tips

  • Use the keypad lock or phone lock function on your mobile device when it is not in use. Also be sure to store your device in a secure location.
  • Frequently delete text messages from the bank, especially before loaning out, discarding, or selling your mobile device.
  • Never disclose via text message any personal information (account numbers, passwords, or any combination of sensitive information like your social security number or birth date) that could be used in ID theft.
  • If you lose your mobile device or change your mobile phone number, remove the old number from your mobile banking profile.
  • For your security, sign off when you finish using the Northstar Bank application rather than just closing the page.

Computer Security Tips

  • Keep your computer operating system up to date to ensure the highest level of protection.
  • Install a personal firewall on your computer.
  • Install, run, and keep anti-virus software updated.
  • Turn your computer off completely when you are finished using it – don't leave it in sleep mode.
  • Conduct online banking activities on secure computers only. Public computers should be used with caution, due to shared use and possible tampering. Online banking activities and viewing or downloading documents should only be conducted on a computer you know to be safe and secure. If possible, use a dedicated computer when sending Wire Transfers or ACH files.

Email Security Tips

  • Be wary of suspicious emails. Never open attachments, click on links, or respond to emails from suspicious or unknown senders.
  • The bank will never ask you for personal information via email.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

  • The security of your accounts and personal information is one of Northstar Bank's top priorities. Please promptly report any suspicious activity to 855-660-3184.
  • Regularly reviewing your account activity is one of the best ways to notice and stop fraudulent activity quickly. Review your monthly statements or review activity online, 24 hours a day, with Northstar Bank's Online Banking.
Northstar Mobile Banking is a service that has made it easier to do your banking from your phone. Manage your money quickly and efficiently - anytime, anywhere. React quickly when money issues come up by using many of the same features that are available through Online Banking from the convenience and ease of your mobile phone.

Once you enroll through Online Banking, you can access your account information 24/7 from any mobile phone with a free downloadable app available through the App store or Android Market, mobile web access, or text messaging. For most services, mobile web service is required.

  • Access the same accounts that are viewable through Online Banking.
  • View Balances – access real time account balances, view recent transaction history.
  • Transfer Funds – Transfer money between accounts.
  • Bill Pay Service – Make or schedule your bill payments, view and modify scheduled payments, view recent payment history.
  • Pay people and receive money with Popmoney®.
  • Branch and ATM Locator – quickly locate a Northstar Bank branch or ATM with clear map displays with GPS positioning.
Northstar Mobile Banking brings you convenience and safety while you bank via your mobile phone.

  • Mobile Banking is offered to our consumer deposit account customers.
  • You must be an Online Banking user before you can sign-up for Mobile Banking.
  • Use our Online Education Center for instructions after you enroll.
  • You can use the following phone types with Northstar Mobile Banking : Smartphone app – available via the App store and Android Market; Text Banking – any text compatible mobile device; mobile web banking – mobile phones with Internet access.
  • The original iPhone 2G and 3G models will no longer be supported for future app updates. The new release scheduled for mid-January, 2013 will not require a mandatory application update; however, subsequent updates will result in the app no longer being usable for the iPhone 2G and 3G models. The mobile browser and text message channels are unaffected by this change and will remain accessible to customers with any iPhone model.
  • Mobile web and apps are secure with 128-bit encryption that masks your sensitive information; password is required each time you log on; consumer's private "picture and pass phrase" are displayed to protect against "phishing."

How much does Northstar Mobile Banking cost?
This is a free service for our consumer deposit account customers who are enrolled in Online Banking. Message and Data rates may apply.

Do I need Mobile Web access to use Northstar Mobile Banking?
No. We also offer Text Banking. Any mobile phone with texting capabilities can instantly view balances and recent transactions. Standard text rates apply.

What accounts can I see on Northstar Mobile Banking?
Northstar Mobile Banking will provide access to the same accounts that are viewable through Online Banking including checking, savings, etc.

How do I enroll in Northstar Mobile Banking?
  • Log on to Online Banking.
  • From the Options menu, choose "Northstar Mobile Banking Enrollment" and complete the form.
  • A text message will be delivered to your phone with easy instructions to activate your service.
  • Refer to our Online Education Center for a tutorial with detailed instructions.

Is there a wait period after enrolling?
No. Once you've enrolled and activated the service, Northstar Mobile Banking is ready to use.

How do I log on to Northstar Mobile Banking?
Refer to our Online Education Center for instructions on how to log on and use Northstar Mobile Banking.

What do I use for my Northstar Mobile Banking password?
The password you use is the same as the password you use to log on to Online Banking. If you change your Online Banking password, your Northstar Mobile Banking password will also change.

Is Northstar Mobile Banking secure?
Yes. Text Banking security: view accounts by nicknames you set, not account numbers; no detailed personal information is sent. Mobile eeb and apps security: 128-bit encryption masks your sensitive information; password is required each time you log on; consumer's private "picture and pass phrase" are displayed to protect against "phishing".

Is software required to be installed on my phone?
No software is required for Northstar Mobile Banking, unless you choose to download and install a compatible app.

How do I install the App?
When you sign up for Northstar Mobile Banking, a link is provided to download the app that is compatible with your mobile device.

Can I pay bills through Northstar Mobile Banking?
Yes. You must be enrolled in our Online Banking bill pay service to access this feature. Once enrolled, you can pay your bills right from your mobile phone or view and modify pending payments. Mobile web service is required for this level of service. Message and data rates may apply. Bill Pay is not available with our Text Banking option.

Can I set up new payees through Northstar Mobile Banking?

No. You need to add new payees by logging on to our Online Banking bill pay service. Once they are added, you can make a payment via Northstar Mobile Banking.

Can I send money to individuals through Northstar Mobile Banking?
Yes. The Popmoney feature offers users the ability to send money, view upcoming payments, add a new contact and view account activity. Go to the "Pay Other People" option on the payments menu.

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