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Account Analysis

Account analysis allows a business to offset fees and service charges by maintaining compensating balances.  Instead of being “hard charged” for services throughout the month, a running total, called “soft charge” is tracked.  At the end of the month, the account will receive an earnings credit on the monthly average available balance.  An analysis statement is produced each month with an itemized summary of charges, average balance, and earnings credit.

  • If the earnings credit is greater than the soft charge total, then no fees are deducted for the month
  • If the earnings credit is less than the soft charge total, then the remaining fees will be deducted for the month
  • Earnings credit does not carry over month to month. 

ACH Origination

ACH Direct Deposit is an electronic and efficient way to deposit payroll through our secure online banking.

  • Eliminate the cost of writing checks
  • Reduce fraud
  • Save time
  • An added employee benefit
  • Security tokens provide added level of fraud protection 

ACH Direct Debit eliminates paper processing and automates the collection of receivables.  ACH Direct Debit is an efficient way to collect payments or monthly dues.

  • Automate receivables
  • Control the timing of your receivables
  • Efficient way to consolidate funds
  • Provide another bill pay option
  • Security tokens provide added level of fraud protection

Online Wire Transfer

Transfer funds online safely and efficiently.  When speed, security, and simplicity are the goals, Wire Transfer is often the solution.  Established approval levels, dual control, and the use of tokens help provide added security.

  • Security tokens required to authenticate user
  • Transfer funds quickly and safely
  • User friendly process
  • Dual control available

Remote Deposit Capture

Bring the bank's teller window to your business when you add Remote Deposit Capture services to your operations.  Make your deposits quickly and efficiently without having to drive to the bank.  Remote Deposit Capture can simplify your daily bank deposit tasks while saving you time.

  • Efficient check capture
  • Save time and money
  • Quick, accurate MICR reading
  • Courtesy/Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR)
  • Image Quality Assurance (IQA) analysis
  • Check image archival and management
  • Security tokens required to authenticate user

Merchant Services

Complete credit card processing capabilities for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Whether you accept cards in person, mobile or via the web, we will customize your processing to fit your needs.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Funds deposited next business day if batch is submitted by 5:00pm
  • Online transaction research and statements
  • Safe and secure with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards
  • Next day equipment delivery
  • 24 hour – 7 day technical support help desk
  • Merchant branded gift cards

Zero Balance Accounts

Everyone wants to maximize their cash -- put it to good use with a Zero Balance Account which eliminates idle cash across multiple checking accounts by concentrating the funds into one "master" account. The master account will automatically fund the sub-accounts as checks clear or as funds are needed.

  • Eliminates manual transfers
  • Improved control over disbursements
  • Put any extra funds to work

Loan Zero Balance Sweeps

Eliminates idle balances in the operating deposit account and moves funds automatically in order to pay down the loan balance.  Funds will sweep back to operating account when checks and debits are presented for payment.

  • Eliminates manual transfers
  • Reduces interest paid
  • Pay down loan balances automatically

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